Fully fitted winchline 12mm by 30m MAX !

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Dynaline Max Winch Line

Marlow’s Dynaline Max takes the wire rope replacement concept of Dynaline a stage further by adding Marlow's "Max" super pre-stretching process.  Dynaline Max offers higher strength and lower stretch than a standard Dynaline rope.  The higher break load for a given diameter offers a higher factor of safety or the possibility to down size the rope thereby allowing a longer length to be fitted on the winch. Manufactured using Dyneema SK78 fibre.


Rope Diameter7mm9mm11mm12mm13mm 

Minumum Break Load (kg)698010000141001670019700 
Weight (g/m)35.654.075.590.0107.0 



    • "Max" super pre-stretched for improved strength and reduced stretch
    • Will not kink
    • No wire splinters
    • No strength loss when overlapped on winch drum
    • Floats
    • Virtually no recoil in the unlikely event of failure
Construction: 12 Strand Dyneema® with Marlow ArmourCoat
Colours: Black as standard (other colours available on request)
Termination:Tubular thimble splice one end with safety hook. Drum termination other end


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